Napoleone Corbett

Clayton –

Victim Location 76244

Total money lost $170

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was brand new on the Letgo app and reached out to a seller that was claimed to be verified by the app. So I trusted that it was legitimate. I wanted to purchase a MacBook Pro for school and he said the price was negotiable. So I talked him into $300 he convinced me the reason that he was letting it go so cheap was because he wanted a gaming laptop and didn’t need the MacBook anymore. He just needed $200-$300 more to buy it. He told me to text him and on Letgo it said he was located in Bedford TX but when I text him he said he moved to Michigan to be in the National Guard. I called him, he seemed trustworthy and suggested I send him half as he shipped the package from FedEx, he sent me the tracking code and shipping label so I trusted and he told me to use Zelle. I was familiar with Zelle, but not the fact that they don’t have fraud protection. So after I sent the $150 we talked a little more and then I asked if he could expedite it for next day, he said send $20 more and he’ll turn around and change it to overnight. Once I sent the other $20, I asked if he changed it and then I was blocked on Letgo, and by phone. There was another number he asked me to send the money to whom he claimed was his father, and so I tried calling that number and they hung up and texted me then that it may not have gone through and I would have to try again. I called my bank to report it and they said they would mail me a letter about my claim. So needless to say, I don’t have a MacBook, I’m out $170 while I’m going to school and there is nothing anyone can do.

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