NAR Arbitrary Group

Adam –

Victim Location 20785

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

NAR contacted my job but I was not there. My job called my at home and I called NAR to find out what this was about. I spoke with someone called Pam Jones at 877-228-2418. She said that Sagamore had contacted them because I had defaulted on a payday loan and wanted to know how I would like to take care of this. I asked Pam what was the address and telephone number for Sagamore and she told me that she could not give me that information as it is a parent company and the records were sealed and I can find them on my own time. I asked Pam how she got me work phone number and did she know that she could not call my job. She said that it was the phone number I used on the loan application, that was lie number 1. Then she said that they have an team that investigates how to contact people and then gave an address that I have not live at for over four years, saying they have been trying to contact me at that address. I told her that she does not have a very good team because they would not that I have not lived there in over four years? To that she said she was not going to argue with me. I kept pressing her for information and she hung up on me, but not before telling me that I would be served a summons at my job for failure to pay. I don’t have any payday loans that are outstanding.

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