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Eugene –

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I initially received a text message September 1st stating I won $1000000 and to click link to claim winnings.

It’s an email link.

I asked "what’s this nonsense all about".

Today I received an email explaining in detail how to claim winnings. The email contains a direct line but no toll free number which is strange for an international lottery.

I called the New York number which is actually New Jersey.

The man sounds like a senior citizen claiming he has been doing this for 27 years. Myself and 7 others have won $1000000.

I asked many questions and concluded our conversation stating I will be checking to see if this is a legitimate registered business and I will get back to you.

A few minutes later I receive a phone call from a woman whom sounds very old. Claims she is Amanda Jones. This name is also in the email.

Each time I said I am going to investigate for legitimacy, both the man and the woman during both conversations asked me to direct any questions through email. I asked them how does that make you legitimate by stating you are legitimate? I then said I will be in touch after my investigation.

I am attaching all photos involving this scam.

Thank You!!..

I’m not sure why I can only send one photo so I will send you the email with phone number.

Please contact me for all photos to send.

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