Natasha Dennis

Nicole –

Victim Location 70583

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by text supposedly by regarding someone requesting my services for employment. I responded to the email provided and received a response from Natasha Dennis and her husband Steve who were moving to the States from Canada. She was going to send a check pre their arrival and wanted me to cash it. She also wanted my personal information.

Lawrence –

Victim Location 46214

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Scammers received my contact information on for pet services. I was initially texted and told to email a client named Natasha Dennis. The story was that this woman was moving to "my area" from Canada and wanted to setup a pet caregiver for her dogs. The pay was to be 38$/hr and were sending 350$ in advance for the first week, plus 3200$ for supplies. This contact never answered any of my probing questions and never had logical conversation. I believe there were different people emailing me from the same contact because grammar and content was inconsistent. A fraudulent check was sent to my house and the contact was very persistent that the check be deposited immediately. I knew this was fake, and I verified with a local bank that this check was not real.

Phone number that this scammer is using: 410-702-4101

Email address: [email protected]

Initial phone number that contacted me and told me to connect with "Mrs Dennis": "Katie" 877-690-9111

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