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Victim Location 02169

Type of a scam Charity

Consumers and animal advocates need to stay clear away from NARWAI, aka National Animal Relief and Welfare Association, Inc located in Cullman, AL. It is run by Debbie G. Bailey who claims to tackle animal cruelty and neglect cases while asking for donations and promising to travel to the location to correct the situation and report to law enforcement, file complaints with city and state officials and government, report to law enforcement, process documentation needed for city or legal purposes, and contact media, etc. The issue here is that Bailey takes a very long time without communication with the parties that enlisted her help. Months will go by and Bailey refuses to answer back to phone calls made to her, emails or even text messages. She asks for a fee to join her website NARWAI to obtain information or "updates" as she calls them on animal cruelty and neglect issues. However this information can be obtained by a Google search, FOIA enquiry or a Public Records Request. She will take your money but provide you hardly any feedback and NO progress after many months have passed and you have tried many times to reach her.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine requested we enlist her help to investigate an animal shelter in another state. She was given incriminating documentation on the shelter and agreed to hook up with a TV investigative reporter from a major news station in that city that agreed to do a story. Bailey texted me on August 7 stating that she made reservations to make the trip but never did as I verified with the former shelter employee. After texting, leaving phone messages, emails, even Messenger, Bailey STILL refused to answer.

Several people have communicated with me they had the same problem with Bailey. Furthermore, her website NARWAI has been down for construction as she likes to call it but for months now, yet she still allows for donations to be made.

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