National check fraud agency

Theresa –

Victim Location 16901

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My parents and brother received a call from a Michelle norris, stating that they could not reach me and it was urgent due a criminal investigation I contact her, when I called 804-767-4571 I got a recording asking to leave name, number, acct number and she would contact back. At 905pm on 9/17/15 she called back and said the lead investigator Marie Thomas was available to discuss this matter, I was put on hold and transferred. I was informed I had a bad check written to united rentals in the amount of 2800.00. The bank sent two statements and united transactions sent two letters which none of these I received. I told her I had to contact bank in the morning to verify and find out about check and she said that processing would not stop because at noon on 9/18/2005 if it was not paid the warrants would be issued for my arrest. Marie Thomas of national check fraud agency 206-363-1465. I contacted the bank and everything they can see it’s a scam, but if she calls back to call bank again.

Why would a business or bank wait 7 yrs. To try an reclaim money on a bad check.

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