National Coalition For Police Troopers

Hilary –

Victim Location 78540

Type of a scam Charity

My father received a call from an organization called “National Coalition of Police and Troopers”, and was asked to donate $100 dollars to help police and troopers, he informed the person that he was unable to donate such asked amount, he offered $25 dollars, they gladly accepted and stated they would mail him the information where he would be sending his donation to so that he can send them money for donation. My father was obviously not aware of this scam until he told me to take him to drop off the donation via mail. This is when I searched and looked it up and found that there are various “organizations” who contact you asking for donations like they did with my father. I immediately ripped the papers and envelope that was sent to them via mail and told my father that it was a scam. He fortunately did not send them anything.

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