National Flight Services

Charles –

Victim Location 08215

Type of a scam Employment

I received an unsolicited job offer via LinkedIn for a Virtual Assistant position from someone stating they where the Owner/CEO of the above company. When I researched the company, it did exist and the name they gave me was the actual owner’s name.

The scam was they sent me a cashiers check and wanted me to deposit it and quickly send them money back for software and a printer needed for the virtual assistant position. Specifically, they wanted me to go to a PNC bank and deposit my check into an account using an acct # they provided. When there check doesn’t clear they would be off with my money.

They sent me a cashiers check totaling $2950, my first weeks wages and money needed to buy the software and printer. I deposited it with my bank’s phone app and the funds where available immediately. I called my back to confirm funds and they stated the check was not cleared but they made the funds available for me until it did. If I’d have gone to the bank they probably would have known right away that it was a fake.

The whole thing was fishy but I had noting to lose until they asked me to send money to someone else. They were unsuccessful with me and I hope they haven’t taken others money.

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