National Home Advocates

Gloria –

Victim Location 40291

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Claim they can help with foreclosure and just take your money.

Carl –

Victim Location 70552

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Our home is in foreclosure and the male employee told us how their company could do a loan modification with our mortgage company. He said they had lawyers from different states that would be doing all the work. When I asked him for a name of an attorney, he said that there was a bunch and didn’t know who would be handling our case. I asked him for just 1 name. He kept changing the subject. I know from calling the Bar Assoc to see if they are legitimate that they need the attorney’s name, not the company they woke for RED FLAG!!! He emailed me an authorization form for my husband and I to sign for him to be able to get information from our mortgage company. He called 2 days later and said it had been approved. Their fee was $3,000.00, which $1,500.00 needed to be paid ASAP and the other $1,500.00 to be paid in a month. He emailed me about 20 pages of agreements to be signed,list of items needed such as tax forms last 2 yrs, check stubs and a lot more. I called their 888 number and a recording answered saying "The person at ext 401 is unavailable". No one ever answered the phone saying "National Home Advocates" ANOTHER RED FLAG!! I never responded to his email today and called the in Beaverton,OR. I was told this was a SCHEME and for us not to send any money nor don’t answer his calls or emails. If he harasses us tell him I will call The Federal Trade Commission, FDC or FBI. Thank God I checked with the BBB. I HOPE AND PRAY THESE PEOPLE GET CAUGHT AND NO ONE FALLS PREY TO THEM. THEY ARE SOME LOW LIFE PIECES OF S***!!!!

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