National Institute of Health Depto

Bradley –

Victim Location 20892

Type of a scam Government Grant

A person, Brooklyn Williams Federal ID 3862W of National Institute of Health Department 9000 Rockville Pike Bethesda MD contacted me congratulating me for an approval of a health government grant in the amount of $14,758.00. Requested my debit card information so he could register the money on my behalf since I didn’t have the registration fee of $102.00 to get a registration card that was needed because the amount was over the amount for IRS. The registration had to be in my name since I would be receiving the grant and it would be reported to IRS. Something didn’t feel right to me so I told him I was waiting for new debit card. He’s repeatedly been calling me for my debit number. I could really use the money as I am financially distressed. I am a disabled widow that made part of me think Maybe it was legitimate but in thinking about it I figured it was most likely a scam. I’m not sure but cannot take chances. If you could possibly investigate this matter and if it is a scam maybe it could put a stop to this and prevent others from getting involved in such s position. I looked up the company and Sent an email got an answer and a phone call and text immediately followed by a phone call from Brooklyn Williams telling me his higher up sent me note. I will attach what I have. Thank you

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