national institute of standards and technology

Ashley –

Victim Location 75098

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have a Poshmark account, where I sale pre-used items. Someone commented on one of my items in regards to interest in that item. They said to email them and let them know the condition of the item. I emailed them the condition. They responded saying they wanted to purchase the item for their "daughter." They said they would send a check in the mail and add extra money for holding the item for them. They later emailed me again claiming their "husband" wrote the check amount wrong and for a much bigger amount. They wanted me to send the extra money back to them. In the package I received was a wells fargo check and a paper that said I needed to text a specific number and ask for "Mr Salem" and provide my name, check amount and check number. This person said to specifically deposit into a bank account and take out $2,000 and send it back to them.

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