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Monique –

Victim Location 85139

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a woman claiming to be with the State of Arizona. She was calling to verify my address- as she was to serve me papers.

She then provided me the phone number of (866)343-6290 and told me to call them to see what the debt was for. I was provided a case number as well. I called the number and was informed that I owe on payday loan that was taken out in 2011 in the amount of $600. She said if it goes to court the total cost will be $2648.71 due to legal fees. The amount I was told I owe in total was $1060- but they could break it down to $702 dollars if I paid today, or they can setup 4 payments of around $200 per month. I asked for the original creditor information and was told that her job is not to do my "Leg work" and that I need to figure that out. I asked for a letter of Validation and they did email me a document, but it doesn’t say anything about my rights, or prove the debt it valid in any way.

Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 67460

Total money lost $706

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called to collect on a non existint debt with a payday loan company and threatens jail time

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