National Secure Processing

Jessie –

Victim Location 92821

Total money lost $2,170

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was making my school loan payments on time to Nelnet I was dx with stage 4 breast and bone cancer August 2015 and went on disability and I couldn’t afford my loan payments. I was contacted by NSP via phone stating that they can lower my monthly payments I was desperate because I could no longer pay my original payment to Nelnet and Nelnet wouldn’t work with me .November 2016 I started making my loan payments to NSP $70 per month. Dealing with my cancer diagnosis and having several surgeries I didn’t realize what NSP was not doing ,they been pocketing my monthly payments of $70 since November 2016 and that money never went towards my school loan. until June 2019 when I realized that my credit score went way down and my original loan of 42K went up to 48K is when I called my bank explained what happened and they put a stop payment. Currently I can not find my loan I don’t know who has it and I am working on it . I believe the American people who were scammed by this company should file a Class Action Lawsuit and try to recover some of our money that was STOLEN FROM US!!!!

James –

Victim Location 39180

Total money lost $729.15

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

A coworker gave me the information because they been in the program for 3 years and she told me her payments were very low so I got the number from her and called. At the time I was with Navient and my payment was extremely high. I got everything set up and was able to log into my account. On January 25, I was trying to learn g into my account and didn’t see any payments made nor applied so I went on Navient site and saw where this company had my email address changed to some other email address and the rep from Navient changed it back. I immediately went to my bank to stop payments and found out from the bank and more research that this is not a student loan forgiveness program it is a debt consolidation. The first payment was in August 300 and evry month after that they took 95.83. I also found out a company by the name of Misdion Hills Federal are taking over and when you call 18772428670 it rings and then you are put on hold with music playing for about 15-20 and then it hangs up. Never talked to anyone. This company is bad business and needs to be stopped.

Karen –

Victim Location 48075

Total money lost $1,475.71

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a call from NS Processing back in December 2014 stating they could lower my monthly payments regarding my student loans, the person I spoke with name was Marry # 855-747-9918, who indicated based off of my information I would only have to pay a monthly rate of $86.63 for 20 years and the rest of my loan would be washed away. I started paying the $86.63 in January 2015, I paid $86.63 all the way through February 2016 when I contacted NS Processing regarding my tax documentations. When I asked about obtaining my tax information, I was told we cannot send this out to you, we will send it to your email within 72 hours. This was never done. Something started to not sit right with this situation for me; so I contacted my former lender Great Lakes and was told my loan remained with them and it was on a "income" b[censored]d still adding interest. Also, all of my personal information was changed; i.e. my email address, my mailing address, just about all my information besides my name and ss#. I am very upset about this situation because I have interest over a thousand and nothing has gone towards my student loans; nothing. I have been scammed. This NS Processing Company continues to take money out of my account; in which I had to make stop payments on there checks. This is fraud and illegal. I want this account closed and I want my $86.63 dollars x 17 returned to me and or placed on my loan.

Anna –

Victim Location 21224

Total money lost $6,820

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The national secure processing company contacted me through the phone spring of 2014 stating that they are a loan forgiveness program for public service employees. They told me that they would be taking automatic withdrawal from my account to start to pay back my student loans. I thought great this will help out a lot with regards to paying back my loans. They told me that they would be contacting my credit agency and the loans would be managed. This is not the case. Upon graduation the credit company never heard of National Secure Processing, nor were my loans being paid. When I called the company to be cancelled they told me that I couldn’t cancel this contract until June of 2016. They also changed my address with the federal government so that all communications would be sent to them and not my current address. They have taken thousands of dollars from me and offer no option for a refund or to get out of a contract. When I stated that I would stop payment from my bank they than threatened with sending me to collections and with being contacted by an attorney. The big question is where is this money going and why are they still allowed to operate if there are over 80 complaints on them stating the same thing over and over again. I bought the sales pitch hook line and sinker and I am now paying for it. this company is a fraudulent company and should be shut down.

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