National Shopper

Wayne –

Victim Location 53185

Type of a scam Employment

I didn’t get scammed but I researched the company and found out it was a scam prior to doing anything. they advertise w/ national shopper

Gary –

Victim Location 02740

Type of a scam Employment

Received a priority 2-day letter in the mail. I was surprised by how quickly it arrived after speaking with the individual. Opened it up with a mystery shopper survey and a check for $2990.95. The letter indicates for me to evaluate a local Apple Store and I will be compensated $300. I would basically have to purchase an Apple Store Gift Card. The letter states to text him as soon as you deposit the check into your account for restrictions to be lifted off the check. If you complete the survey within 48 hours of delivery you get a BONUS $200 on top of your $300 salary/wage. In order to continue with your assignment, you have to text a picture of your deposit receipt. I did not get to complete the "task" since the check never cleared. The person was insistent that I go to the store and use my credit card first until the check cleared (good thing I didn’t), the next steps state that you purchase the gift card and then scratched off store gift card and send a picture. I should have looked into this before proceeding. Once looking into it I blocked the number and informed my bank.

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