National Shoppers

Heidi –

Victim Location 28390

Total money lost $2,990.45

Type of a scam Employment

An email was sent to my student email address stating the following: Hello!See below flexible opportunity as a survey assistant which should be of great benefit to you and could be part of with a good pay as well.You’re paid to shop and evaluate stores and businesses around you.

What does a Survey Assistant do? Survey Assistant visit specific stores like like Walmart, Argos, Western Union, restaurants, shopping store etc,And businesses anonymously for the purpose of observing and reporting on the quality of customer service delivered. The answers submitted by the Survey Assistant enable clients to make employment decisions, reward staff for excellent performance, redirect staff who perform poorly and evaluate adherence to company service standards. Why should I become a Survey Assistant? Being a Survey Assistant is well suited to anyone who would benefit from:

* Receiving free products and/or services (on certain assignments).

* Highly flexible hours.

* Contributing to a higher level of customer service.

* Having a diverse number of shopping experiences.

* You’ll be able to participate in educational sessions via online training; you do not pay for this.

How much does a Survey Assistant get paid ?

Survey Assistant are independent contractors who receive rewards in the form of gift vouchers, or bank deposits. In addition, on many assignments, free goods and/or services are also available. The amount you will get paid varies by the type of assignment you complete. Payments generally range between $300 to $500 per assignment. Do Survey Assistant work part-time or full-time ?

Survey Assistant should be considered part-time or casual work. Do I need previous experience as a Survey Assistant?

NO, previous experience is not necessary. Survey Assistant are recruited based on the information provided in their online application form, their aptitude and ability to meet assignment requirements. Remember, NO APPLICATION FEES,It DOES NOT cost you anything to get started, Send a reply to [email protected] with your information.

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Mobile Phone Number:

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Personal Email address:

Thank you! Veronica A couple days later I received the following: A FEDEX priority 2-day letter in the mail. Opened it up with a National Shoppers mystery shopper survey and a check for $2990.45. The letter indicates for me to evaluate a local Apple Store and I will be compensated $300. The letter instructed me to purchase an Apple Store Gift Card for $1,440 and $1450. The letter states to text Larry Walker, MBA Survey Co-ordinator. As soon as I deposit the check into my account I was to send text to Larry Walker with confirmation receipt. If you complete the survey within 24 hours of delivery you get a BONUS $200 on top of your $250 salary/wage. The letter also stated that in order to submit the report you have to text Larry Walker a picture of your gift card purchase receipt and your scratched off store gift card (It goes without saying that you cannot return a gift card after this secure area is scratched/peeled off). The check is from Fulton Bank of New Jersey. On the check the Purchaser Memo is: Roy Gaylord and signed by illegible signature I am unable to decipher (both printed and not handwritten).

Mathew –

Victim Location 19608

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The national Shoppers research marketing program is asking you to please scratch the back of each card meaning gift cards that you purchased based off the fake check check they send you send a clear picture of each card showing all four corners along with the purchase receipt and where it was purchased

Robert –

Victim Location 70802

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an email from my school website and it was about signing up for a secret shoppers job and that I could make great money. Well I signed up and I received a “priority package” from USPS weeks after and two items where in there, a check from BancorpSouth and a National shoppers letter congratulating me on my package. So I read everything on the letter and something didn’t seem right. It told me I had a total of $2690 to spend on 2 gift cards at an local Apple store. It also stated that I need to deposit the funds into my account and once then when I have the gift cards, to send them pictures of the gift cards. They also said my compensation was $300 and that I would earn an extra $200 if I did it right away. Something just didn’t seem right.

Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 92284

Total money lost $2,995

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This company claim to be a mystery shopper service. They will send a cashier check which it turns out is fake once you deposit but banks will not find out after a week. They will have you to a store and by gift cards of the amount of the check they send minus what they are giving you for the work. They will ask you to take pictures of the back of the gift card with the pin number showing and send them via text picture. A week later check bounces.

Yolanda –

Victim Location 02857

Type of a scam Employment

I initially received an email sent to my student email address. The email included an offer to participate in the mystery shopping program.

I filled out some basic information. Within a few days I got a text and email followed by a express mail package with a cashiers check in the amount of $2990.95. I was instructed to cash the cashiers check and purchase AT&T gift cards (or Walmart, Best Buy, CVs pr Walgreens). The giftcards should be in the amount of 2,690.95. I would earn $300 or $500.00 for a bonus (if I did it immediately).

I tried to research the issuing bank of the check "Sunshine Community Bank". This bank is out of Florida.

The letter head is for National Shoppers. I can not find a company with the exact same name.

The Phone number for the Survey Coordinator is a 213 number (CA).

I decided to not proceed as there were too many inconsistencies and no ability to find a legitimate business online.

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