National State Grant Program

Gerald –

Victim Location 06438

Type of a scam Government Grant

Initially, I got a message from a trusted friend on Facebook Messenger asking how I was doing and if I heard the "good news". I messaged back about myself a bit and asked if she had seen pics of a mutually interesting project. She responded that she hadn’t seen the pics and I sent one. Her response was at best mildly appropriate, not what I would have expected from her. Then she told me of a National State Grant Program that was aimed at helping basically everyone who would apply "young, workers,old, retired, and workers". Now the grammar and sentence structure was not what I would have expected from my friend. I replied back with thanks and said I would check it out. The a message came back as if to sell the idea of applying and told me "I have applied and have gotten $50,000 in real cash" and I was asked if I wanted "the link and the agent’s private text number". I responded okay and reiterated that I would check it out. The "text" number(734-292-2443) was sent and the link( and I was told to click the link and urged to "do that now". Also sent was a photo of someone at a podium with a presidential seal and the name Diane F Rieck in caption. Again the grammar was odd, unlike my friend. I asked for information about the grant for which my friend had applied and the message came back that "I only have to fill out some information to confirm if I am eligible to get the grant money." Now this was again unlike my friend AND it was a reversal of what was previously told me about having gotten the $50 k in cash.

I since yesterday, I have found no such grant on the government grant website nor did my friend know anything about this grant when I spoke to her. Therefore, I did not respond to 3 messages received today asking if I have "messaged her yet?" and "What’s going on now?"

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