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Lindsey –

Victim Location 87801

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A woman saying her name was Anna Brown called my husbands cell phone while he was at work. Stating that she was from a law office about a case against him. She then transferred him to a supposed lawyer named Scott Riley. He told my husband that he had 2 felony charges in hand on him out of San Antonio, Tx. Over a blank check my husband supposedly gave to a cash advance place located in a Rent-a-Center. That it was received on October 1, 2010. Drawn on a Wachovia (On an acct. that was closed, therefore charging my husband with Defrauding a bank and Felony check charge.) checking account for a loan for $550. But that now it was over $1000 because of fees and such. And that if he did not send $1000.00 within 24 hours that they would be issuing warrants for his arrest. And even went as far to say they already had a Docket #. These people had all my husbands personal information including his Social security #. So my husband called me freaking out. I started investigating immediately. The phone no. was a land line at 5801 Highway Blvd, Katy, Tx. According to google map it was a nasty trailer behind a shopping center. I tried searching for the attorneys name and the ladies name who called, with no luck. I then called the phone no. myself and received a ladies voice on an voicemail box with the same name, stating that she was an investigator. I left a message stating who I was and my phone no. to call me back. This was on thursday. On Monday I finally received a call back. From the Scott Riley Character. I explained who I was and that I needed some proof this was not a scam. He rambled for 15 minutes giving me reasons he could not. So, the legal headed person I am did not pee him off. I started asking level headed, but concerned citizen questions. Where they were located, their business name. He then transferred me to another guy, after being on hold for 18 minutes, who stated he was the leader of the firm. His name was John Anthony. He stated they could not send me any evidence out of the case file. But proceeded to change the date that the check was suppose to have been submitted was December 1, 2010. to an Eagle National Bank. But was unsure where it was submitted, Va. or Tx. That it was wrote on an acct. that was closed.And the total was $1287.14. I then ask for the name and address of his firm and he gave me National Wide Legal, 100 Congress Ave. Auston, Tx. no zip, no suite no. and was fumbling threw the whole bit. I ask him for the different ways we could pay for this. He stated, "Money Gram" or Debit by phone.But that It would cost 20% more that way and I would have to fill an email for release of signature. And he stressingly tried to talk me out of that option for about 10 minutes. I then told him I would have to speak with my husband and we would let him know. Please catch these thieves.

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