Rodney –

Victim Location 60098

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received in the mail a large ‘Priority Mail’ envelope which contained a short survey form, a ‘cashier’s check’ in the amount of $2,950.00, and a letter from Nationwide Marketing Research Program which congratulated me for being selected as a ‘mystery shopper’. The letter instructed me to deposit the check, (and notify ‘Nationwide’ by text as soon as I had doe so), and then go to my local Apple store and purchase gift cards in the amounts of $1300.00, and $1350.00. The remaining $300 would be mine to keep. (If I completed the task within 48 hours, I was told to purchase gift cards for $1200.00, and $1250.00, and I could keep the remaining $500 – the extra $200 being a sort of speed bonus.) I was directed to evaluate things such as the cleanliness of the store, level of courtesy of the staff, etc. I was further directed to scratch the PIN numbers off of the backs of the cards, and take photos of the complete card numbers, the purchase receipt and my completed survey, and send them in text form to the phone number shown in this report. The letter also advised that if there was no Apple store near me, that I should report this via text, and I would be directed to a Walmart, Best Buy or Target, instead.

I have not followed any of the instructions in the letter. I was immediately suspicious of the entire situation, and some brief internet research confirmed my suspicions that this is definitely a scam. I must say, though, that the check I was sent appears to be genuine, (complete with fraud safeguards), and I would not be surprised if it fooled a good many people. I will attempt to include a photo of everything that I was sent, with this report.

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