Nationwide Marketing Research Program

Lori –

Victim Location 21236

Type of a scam Employment

I got it through my school email. It said it was a part-time job that pays good salary per week. So I thought of giving it a try, I filled the online application and later found an email asking to confirm my name and address so I did so. Later, the next day, I received a FedEx package with a paycheck worth $2,980 and a letter with instructions saying that I should buy an amount of gift cards, and that I should keep $300 as my salary, and $30 for transportation. I sent them an email asking about the survey because I didn’t understand what the thing was about. Then I thought that there was something suspicious about it so I blocked the number and the email as I saw videos and articles about people who had been scammed.

Charles –

Victim Location 11370

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received mail from FedEx that said urgent so I decided to open it. After opening it I realized that there was a check for 2950 dollars and a letter that said to use the check to buy gift cards. After this I realized that this didn’t seem right so I preceded to look online for the company and other related events. I found different articles where the same thing happened to different people and proceeded to find if there was a way to report this. that’s when I stumbled upon here.

Jake –

Victim Location 54650

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an e-mail at my school email address, Upper Iowa University, stating I could become a secret shopper to supplement income while in school. I thought it was safe since it was through my school e-mail. A few weeks later I received a letter via Fedex express. It had a check for $2,950.37, a survey for an Apple store and a letter explaining my "Mystery Shopping Survey Assignment." It stated I was to go to my local apple store, purchase 2 gift cards for a total of $2,650 and keep the other $300 for my salary. I was then supposed to rate my satisfaction with the store with the form they had sent. I was also supposed to send a text confirming my assignment was completed and the exact amount spent at the store. I was then to scratch the back of the gift cards to reveal the codes,and then send a picture of each card showing all 4 corners along with the purchase receiptand my report to the e-mail addresses and text messages ONLY. I ripped up the letter and check before my husband told me I should report the scam. That is why I could not show a picture of them also.

Martha –

Victim Location 02302

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I first received an email on my school email account from Nationwide Marketing Research Program who also had a school account, telling me about an offer to sign up to be a mystery shopper for a little extra money. Being a struggling college student, I accepted and applied to the website. A couple of weeks later, I received a packet containing an “assignment”, a customer survey paper, and a check for a large amount of money to be used during the assignment. I was supposed to deposit the check, purchase 2 Apple gift cards, and then email/text the completed survey along with pictures of the gift cards with the codes revealed. Since the amount of the check was so large, I was a little suspicious, and upon further inspection of the check I barely noticed a VOID printed on the middle of the check.

Ruben –

Victim Location 27048

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was online about a week ago job searching and put in my address and general information like email and such when a pop up came up on my screen about doing surveys for money it seems interesting so I clicked. Today I received a overnight envelope in the mail with a REAL looking check with water marks heat activated stamps and all in my name for a total of 2,950.37. I was asked to use the money to go to and apple store and but 2 gift cards and keep the rest! Also if I completed it in less than 24 hours I’d get a extra $200 dollars I did not cash the check

Rebecca –

Victim Location 02347

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

My college email address was sent what appeared to be a job application to become a secret shopper. I signed up and was selected. They had me re-confirm my information and sent out a packet with instructions on how to ‘secret shop’, what they were looking for in service (from Apple this time but also could have been Walmart or Best Buy) and sent a check for $2,950. They asked me to buy 2 Apple gift cards for $1,300/$1,350 and to keep the remaining money as compensation. I called my mom excitedly and she told me it’s probably a scam, so I contacted BBB and found out the number is a scam ??

Colin –

Victim Location 10455

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an email through my University email account (Southern New Hampshire University), A student (I am assuming) or advisor (as I have never had another student email me before) sent an email to me about a part-time job as a secret shopper. This person’s name was Traci Gibbs. Traci stated that this business was 100% legitimate and she did it herself. I felt no need to question it and I applied. The website that I applied to is, The bottom of this website provides a phone number that is always busy and states that the company is based in Los Angeles, California. A month or so later I received a parcel in the mail. The return address on was fake and has since been proved as an insurance company in TX. Inside this parcel were instructions for a "survey" and a check for $2950. This was on the 8th of February. It read that the I should text the phone number ( (323)-206-1401, I did my own investigating. This number belongs to a Raul Mora who lives in Los Angeles, CA.) when I have deposited the check and that I would be keeping $300 of the money, as well as an extra $200 as a bonus if completed within 24 hours. I had never done a secret shopper job before and since my University had advertised and sent it to me, I felt I had no reason to question it. I deposited it the next day at my local bank. It was a Cashier’s Check and had a "Michigan University" insignia. The name on the check is a Rose Perez, however the signature is for an April M Clobes. All went well at the bank, my check was accepted as well as a partial fund of $400 credited to my account while the rest of the money would be deposited on the next business day. I was originally supposed to spend the majority of this money at a local apple store, however since I only had the $400 that day, I was instructed to go to a local Walgreens (rite aid) to buy a $400 GooglePlay GiftCard, since the $400 had went through on my account and all seemed well, I felt I had no reason to question it. I then purchased the $400 gift card. Before entering the Walgreens (rite aid) I spoke with Mr. Raul Mora on the phone as he instructed me on what to do. After I left Walgreens I received another call from him and text messages. I was instructed to send pictures of the receipt and card code to him, I did, thinking that the reason was that I wasn’t keeping any money that did not belong to me and that I had done as instructed. He told me he would be in contact the next day. The following day it became apparent that the check was fake and fraudulent. So, as a result it had been my own $400 that had purchased the gift card and I was now out of this money. Clearly, I realized what had happened. I had been scammed. However, it seems that this company or person felt the need to try and squeeze as much money out of me as possible and send a FedEx Overnight parcel. I received this parcel today, the 11th of February. Fedex now requires ID for sending parcels, the name and address on the return this time was accurate and included a phone number: (440)-645-0609- Deann Lemon. Her address is printed as 4818 Hawley Dr, Geneva, OH 44041. This time there was a check for $4,950. All the same insignia and names. But the same phone number and instructions were listed, just differing amounts. I was able to find the address for Raul Mora, 5926 S Olive st. Los Angeles, CA. He is the owner of 11 phone numbers. I have texted this person again, with no response. I did reach out to Deann Lemon since the first return address was fake, this person will not respond to my text messages as well, but the Address and the name has been confirmed as accurate. It is unfortunate that these people are targeting broke college students. I have called 311, but this proved futile as I received little to no help. I would like these people to be charged for what they have done, ultimately and obviously, my money back. But most importantly, the business to be discontinued.

David –

Victim Location 94928

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A letter came via Priority Mail congratulating my Mystery Shopper assignment. A $2950.00 check made out from Honda Federal Credit Union. The assignment was to buy Apple gift cards equaling 2700.00, and to answer survey questions. I was to deposit the check right away as proof I had started the job.

Terry –

Victim Location 76801

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received a letter and check via Priority mail. The letter inside says to deposit the check ($2950) and use it to go to an Apple store and buy 2 gift cards totaling $2450. Then I was supposed to text the front and back (scratched) of the cards to the phone number listed, and email it as well. Then I would get the remaining $400 as a bonus for myself for my time and trouble.

Now you’ve spent $2400, and the bank will come back to you and say the check is fake. Boom. You’re out $2400 from buying gift cards, and you’ve already texted and emailed the gift card info so they can drain them.

Kyle –

Victim Location 21229

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The scammer mailed me a letter with a check with my name on it from Vystar Credit Union for $2, 950.00. The letter came from TX; the credit union is in FL per internet search. The scammer included an instructional letter about being a Secret Shopper at the Apple Store. They asked me to deposit the check and use the money to purchase two $1300.00 Apple Gift Card, then take pictures of the Apple gift cards’ numbers. It states they will pay extra if I deposit the check and do this within 48 hours of receipt of the letter and check. They offered $200 in compensation from the check for completion of the "secret shopper" activity.

Overall, the letter was in relatively good English, however; certain phrases were used that aren’t usually used to described a shopping experience like "sanitation level of store" and "what you feel about the level of service" instead of "how do you feel?"

There are also a lot of run-on sentences in the letter. Also, the copy is in color but poor, faint in spaces, and definitely not centered on the paper, and clearly has a copy of a staple evident in the left hand top corner. The attached survey is even more poorly printed.

I researched the return address on the letter, and it was an elementary school. The name on the envelope was Reynaldo De Leon, and the check also said: Re: Samantha Lock.

Brittney –

Victim Location 45459

Type of a scam Employment

I received a mystery shopping assignment from "Nationwide Marketing Research Program" asking me to secretly shop a local Apple store. After shopping and buying two Apple gift cards for the value of $2650. I am suppose to text 213-833-8142 confirming my assignment is completed and send a picture of the gift cards (with the codes revealed) to [email protected]

Amelia –

Victim Location 06830

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a priority mail 2-day envelope [USPS Tracking #9405 5016 9932 0133 4354 06] in the mail just before Christmas with a check in the amount of $2,950.00 dated 12/12/18, # 00 0002074129 drawn on Robins Financial Credit Union, P.O. Box 6849, Warner Robins, GA 31095. I was given instructions to go to an Apple Store as a Secret Shopper and report my findings. What with being busy for the holidays and not knowing where there is an Apple Store, I ignored it until now and decided to look up the two e-mail addresses and try and contact them but was informed that those addresses were not found 12/25/18.

Susan –

Victim Location 68124

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Apple Store Mystery Shopping Survey Assignment from the Nationwide Marketing Research Program asking You to buy two Apple Store gift cards.

"One gift card for $1,300 and another for $1,350 depending if i did the transaction within 48 hours,"

scratch off the back of the purchased gift cards take a picture of the numbers and then texted them to a number on the form, youvwould get to keep $300.

Brittney –

Victim Location 98408

Type of a scam Employment

My husband received a Priority mail invite to be a mystery shopper at our local Apple Store. The paper inside instructed him to purchase 2 gift cards for a total $2650 and to fill out an enclosed survey paper(though no address is provided to send completed survey to!). He was also supposed to scratch off the codes and take a picture of them and text them ñto (213)833-8142. For his effort he would be compensated for the value of the cards and his effort, plus a bonus if completed within 48 hours.

Brett –

Victim Location 52773

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got a priority mail envelope with a 2,950$ check in it, a survey and letter stating I was picked for an Apple store mystery shopping survey. Giving me instructions to deposit the check, text number given, and go to the store with money and buy some Apple items and fill out survey. Obviously sounded fishy. I did some research and it is definitely a scam.

Seth –

Victim Location 22152

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Package was received from Missouri with a return address from Texas …cell phone number from California and was sent a fake check for $2,950.00 from Mountain West Bank to buy Apple Store gift cards as a secret shopper. Also want me to take a picture of the giftcard codes within 48 hours and send to a [email protected]

Direct email… the idea is to get $2,500 worth of gift cards before the check actually clears and is recognized as a fraud.

Kellie –

Victim Location 95603

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

First, I started receiving texts from 323-765-5637 requesting my name, address and other personal information. Next I received more text messages and a FEDEX envelope with a cashiers check from Nevada State Bank for $2950 along with a letter containing instructions to evaluate an Apple store by purchasing two Apple gift cards in the amount of $1,500 and $1,200. Salary after card purchases is $250.

Leah –

Victim Location 65702

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order


Adriana –

Victim Location 60010

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Received Priority Mail from USPS (tracking 9405 5016 9932 0142 1734 43) from a Richard J Thomas at the address given above. Letter and check attached.

Monique –

Victim Location 07756

Type of a scam Other

I received a cashier’s check in the amount of $2490.00 and a letter congratulating me on “receiving my first survey packet” and I was to use $2250 to purchase EBay and Google Play gift cards and keep $200 for myself. I never signed up for this, I don’t know how they got my information. It was delivered in an overnight priority mail envelope.

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