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Ashleigh –

Victim Location 44129

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be a courier attempting to deliver a summons, and was given the name and phone number of the party issuing said summons. When I called, the representative claiming to be the “Law Director” states it was from a debt of around $500 in 2009. They warned me that if I didn’t settle debt, I would be issued a lien of $5,000+ because the law states they can go after up to 5X the original debt (math apparently wasn’t covered at his law school). When I questioned the legitimacy of his company because they couldn’t be found online, he stated “not all businesses have websites.” I was then put on hold for another call he was receiving. After 2 minutes on hold, I hung up and contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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