Nicholas –

Victim Location 40299

Type of a scam Government Grant

This person said I won a grant and here’s what he sent meYour grant details is :

Name : *** ***

Home Address :*** *** *** *** **

Zip code : *** Reference Number :


Pin: 0919711

Your Batch No:


Winning Amount :


Please keep these numbers

safe and be informed that

you will be required to

provide them for

verification and

authentication.Sure no one

sees your ticket and serial

number because it is your

passport to get your Grant

money on delivery and also

make sure no one knows

about the delivery for

security reasons and also

for a safe delivery. You

will need to show the

number to our delivering

officer before they will

deliver your cash to you

this is a standard

procedure and security

protocol. Mgmt. plus below in attachment

He called later to say I need to make a payment of 550. For case file and processing fee told him I don’t have any money and if I did Why pay money to receive money

NEH states they or their employees would never ask for money, etc

Steve –

Victim Location 90650

Type of a scam Government Grant

One of my good friends messaged me asking if I knew about The NEH Grant… I contacted her via text message and she DID NOT send me the Messenger Message about free NEH Grants. You have to pay money upfront. They call it TAXES..

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