Neighborhood Legal Services

Edwin –

Victim Location 44103

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a message on my home answering machine. Neighborhood Legal Services. Caller Frank Nevino. Said I must have a legal ID when we come house to verify my residency. I don’t understand this. We will be showing up in 48 hours. The message scared me. Call back 888-582-5889. There was a different number in my caller ID. 888-204-3024. I did not call the number back.

Joel –

Victim Location 48433

Type of a scam Phishing

When I answered the call this was the recording I received: Hi, my name is Frank Bovino. I am with the neighborhood legal services. I am calling in regards to a legal notice which is scheduled to be services out to an individual at this address on file the individual to be served will need to have one form of state issued identification available on their person and a signature is also required as proof of service if you cannot locate this individual at the residence just be served at the place employment. Supervisor or manager will be required to be available as a witness if there is any questions or concerns you may have your attorney reach out to the claimants office 1-888-204-3024, thank you. When I called the number back as I assumed it was for a family member who had given them my number, they did confirm they were looking for a family member and I asked them to remove my numbers. It was then that I was concerned as the person who answered the phone was unprofessional. I looked on line and it appears this phone call has been circling around for several months now and others are receiving it from different area codes / phone numbers.

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