Neo Logistics

Renee –

Victim Location 11106

Type of a scam Employment

Neo Logistics offered me job and wanted me to sign contracts. I have all the documents they have send. None of the individuals who are mentioned below have any online presence on LinkedIn and Glassdoor. I have spoken with Kate Cooper few times.

I did not signed the contract since I happen to chat with someone (Jacob Soto) whom I found on LinkedIn who recently took the same offer from the people below. Jacob mentioned that they asked for his credit card information.

I think this company is targeting people who are looking for work. Please let me know if this company is legit or employment scam?

Below is the address of the company but if you google the address it does not say anything about the company.

NEO Logistics Company:113 Rue De La Republique, 13002 Marseille, France Phone/Fax: + 33 413 350565

Below are the contact numbers of the people:

Kate Cooper, HR Manager NEO Logistics, HR Department Tampa, FL Division.+1 (727) 619-4935

Mr. Jacob D. Simmons HR Training Manager NEO Logistics Group, U.S. Division Phone: +1 813 452 5869

Senior Project Manager, Mr. Aaron Parsons

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