Ronnie –

Victim Location 37072

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Someone called us today saying they were from NES and that we had 30 min before our power would be disconnected for non-payment. When I called the 800# it gave some prompts to go thru, I pressed to go to the billing & payments. I told the man that we are on CEMC and we don’t have service from NES so they must have called the wrong number. He told me that NES and CEMC have merged and wanted my phone number. When I gave it to him he told me my business name and stated we had not paid our bill in 2 mos. I know this is not true we just sent in our payment for August last week. I told him that he stated that he needed to know the exact date we mailed in this payment to start an investigation. I told him I have CEMC at my own personal home and I have not heard anything about the merger of the two companies and before I could finish this statement he hung up. He was very demanding that I had not paid by bill and wanted the info right then.

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