Marvin –

Victim Location 83713

Total money lost $27.58

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

We noticed 3 charges on our credit card statement from " 408-724-9160 NLD" that are NOT Netflix. The amounts are small (5.48, 5.39, 10.50), and then at the end of our statement is a "foreign transaction fee" of .63. On a previous statement we then discovered a charge of 5.42 and a foreign transaction fee of .16. We have contacted Netflix (NOT at that # above), and our credit card company. Both Netflix and our credit card statement have told us this it NOT legitimate. Our credit card statement has closed our card for our protection. Also, the charges on the statements stand out, too, because there is no first date listed (our statements show first date/purchase date and then second date/posted date), which made the charges stand out that much more.

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