Network Technology Services

Rachel –

Victim Location 40744

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was online looking for a free movie. I clicked on movie and an alarm sounded really loud on my computer. Then I got a popup message to call immediately "Network Technology Services". 844-567-2666. The popup message said not to close out of the computer if I did it would not come back up. I called and a person by the name of Richard Jones answered. I told him what had happened. I was somewhat leary and told him I would call Geek Sqad. He told me they would not help me. I gave him access to my computer and he reviewed my history and some other things. He told me for my computer to be protected the price would be $400 for a year and other prices for under the year in which I cannot recall. I told him I didnt have that kind of money. He said if I was a senior it would be cheaper. I then told him I was calling Geek Squad and I asked him if he was out of my computer before we hung up. Also, I told him I may call back and he gave me a call back number to call back in. While I was calling Geek Sqad I noticed the curser moving and different screens popping up on my computer. I called him back and asked if he was still on my computer he said he was not. But I did see on the screen where I had given him remote access that he was in on my computer. I went to Best Buy and talked to Geek Squad and they said it was a scam. I want to advice everyone to please watch out for scams on your computer.

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