New Leaf Naturals

Brandon – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 44108

Total money lost $179.68

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw a free product advertised by New Leaf Naturals. I believe the advertisement was in a magazine. I called the company and ordered the capsules. The product was for aches and pains. It was advertised for free. I probably paid for the shipping. I gave my personal information. My debit card number. They withdrew $89.84 twice. This was suppose to be free. I feel it is a scam. It wasn’t free.

Roy – Apr 17, 2020

Victim Location 95061

Total money lost $359.32

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I accepted a free trial with this company, there was never a mention of them continuing sending the product and charging my account ! No paperwork was sent with product, and I was not told this was to continue in any written statement! Tried to go to website, which is now gone??? And calling to cancel was a joke… the person was rude, said I was at fault etc! I am retired and live on a fixed income, this has put a strain on me financially as well as mentally, and the product was not effective at all! I have informed my bank of this company so they can refuse anymore charges!

Abby – Mar 30, 2020

Victim Location 80817

Total money lost $179.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ad was for free trial. Order was placed for shipping only February 2020 for FREE 30 day trial samples of CBD Premium oil drops and CBD Premium capsules with Mastercard CC for the $6.82 and $6.84 shipping charges.They charged my CC without my permission on March 4 for an additional $89.82 and $89.84. I’ve reviewed the ad I ordered from and there is NOTHING advising the consumer this would happen.

Dominique – Mar 29, 2020

Victim Location 13224

Total money lost $89.84

Type of a scam Online Purchase

12 March 2020

New Leaf Naturals

1802 North Howard Avenue, 4587

Tampa, Florida 33607

Dear Sir or Madam:

Within this package, you will ?nd an unopened shipment of your CBD oil as well as the original bottle that was sent to me. I did not request a subscription from your ?rm of CBD oil. On 6 February and 6 March 2020, your ?rm charged my account the amount of $89.84 on both occasions. These actions were not approved by me, and I would like a refund of the total amount made out in the form of a check and mailed to my home address of X. If I do not receive this repayment within one week, I will be ?ling a complaint with Visa about your fraudulent activities. I will also be providing this documentation to the Tampa Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. As I have stated, I am expecting prompt action on your part.


Luis – Mar 25, 2020

Victim Location 47710

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Responded to free trial offer. Was charged $89.95, thought I cancelled account. Was sent another bottle and charged $89.95. After trying to cancel account again many times the phone # 877-242-8554 & 888-788-1832 have the same results. After the thank you for calling you are told to press 1 to talk to a representative, after three times of pressing 1 the phone hangs up.

Jessica – Feb 24, 2020

Victim Location 97401

Total money lost $179.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello, Buyer beware!!…I have just been scammed by New Leaf Naturals!!!! I stupidly ordered this product on line for my insomnia before checking them out on the Better Business Site! (FYI..they have a D rating and many same complaints as I do!).. I thought I was ordering two "free samples" to try, one of CBD oil and the other CBD capsules. The only payment was for a $6.00 shipping fee! . Right!.. No!…Last night I checked my checking account and found that they had suddenly taken a total of $179.66 out of my account unbeknownst to me! That would be $89.82 and 89.84 for each "free" bottle!!! I was so mad to think I fell for such a scam! I remember now Dr Oz used to say that he does not back any company, as they proudly proclaim! But, I seemed to have forgotten that as I ordered my free samples!

I am on Social Security and I cannot afford this devastating blow to my bank account! It completely wiped out my balance, in fact, it caused me to be overdrawn!!! How can people so brazenly take your money and get away with it! I have also notified my bank and they are giving it to the Fraud Dept…I want my money back…not half…all of it!!! Such dishonesty is disgusting!..Sorry, I am mad!

Jamie – Feb 19, 2020

Victim Location 73505

Total money lost $89.84

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I listened to an "important message from a doctor about how he did extensive research and discovered the top CBD oil that will help people that experience pain and other problems and that his product was the safest way to handle most problems without having to take so many medications". He said it was so good that all he wanted to do was to send a free sample of the oil to anyone that wants it and they had to pay for the shipping. Then if you wanted to continue, all you had to do was to order more of the product, but to just try it out and see for yourself." I fell for it. I went ahead and signed up for the free oil and knew that I had to pay for the shipping and gave my credit card number and info. Later I received a box that had a bottle of oil in it and a bottle of capsules and was charge for 2 shipping charges on my credit card. I didn’t ask for any capsules. He didn’t say anything about capsules. He talked about the oil. I had intended to take the oil to my doctor and ask if that oil would be helpful enough that I could possible eliminate one of my medications or more, if possible. I have had a horrible time since 2009 when I first was infected with Lyme Disease and it took a long time before I was finally diagnosed. There is no fault of any doctor, it just wasn’t recognized in Oklahoma at the time that I had gotten infected. Anyway, so today I got a phone call from my Credit Union’s fraud alert system ( where I bank at), and they asked if I purchased a membership from Special Health for $89.84. I told them I had not been on the computer today. They gave me the phone number to call the company to inquire about their charge and it was related to that New Leaf Naturals Company. I told the woman that I never signed up for any membership and she said that I was supposed to call the company to cancel by a certain amount of days or they assume you are a member and they make the charge to your credit card. I told her I do not want to be a member and knew nothing of it. She said for me to return the product and she would refund me $35.00 today and when they get the products back and then they will refund me another $35.00 to my credit card. That is wrong. Just plain robbery and false advertisement and taking advantage of people. So, there are 2 business names involved in this situation; 1) New Leaf Naturals , and 2) Special Health. Why would anybody want to be so dishonest and by the way; claim to be doctors. I don’t know if they are doctors or not, but I am glad I didn’t try their product. For all I know, it could turn out to be something terrible or just nothing at all and they are selling to people on false pretenses and clipping them once they have that credit card number. What a SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. Shame on them.


Melinda Hawkins

Patrick – Feb 08, 2020

Victim Location 61244

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not purchase anything from this company! They will offer you a "free" CBD oil sample for the cost of shipping. Once they have your bank account information they will debit you every month without your knowledge or consent. I am now battling to get $90 back they stole from me.

Hillary –

Victim Location 37311

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got an ad about the cbd sponsored by dr.**. my mom has arthritis so I thought I’d try and help her by ordering it. After I did my wife showed me it was a scam… they said it was free but charged me 2 charges of 9 dollars. I received the product. My mom said it doesn’t help her at all and actually makes her feel worse.. then today they charged me 180 bucks. They sent nothing else. I didn’t sign up for a trial of anything. They just charged me. I had to turn off my debit card and now will be getting a new one.

Edward –

Victim Location 76148

Type of a scam Online Purchase

As so many others as I know now, free trial, false advertising with celeberties use and endorsements. Did not stop trial as requested and I received another shipment. Phoned 11-12-2019 cancellation number ***

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