New start media/city wide promotions

Dominic –

Victim Location 52801

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This place has a office of about 10-12 staffed, some make phone calls out trying to scam new customers ,MIKE BRUCE AND ALPHONZO BARBUN then close the deals on all people that fell for the scam… they look up the area before they call, they find a local high school, they call businesses including realtors restaurants and even hospitals, and sell them on the scam of a sports or football calendar… They tell them the calendar will be printed out 5000 copies and distributed at all the sports events of the school , They say they are with the school just to sell you that and lie… when in reality they have no relationship with the school & they have never heard of them …. Mike always goes into the stories talking about "my family was in the real estate business so I know all about it ". Total *** to butter up the customers …. they charge them anywhere from $349-$1200 for a tiny ad space that they will never receive. The customers then go to these events at the school expecting to see the calendars passed out with their face in them and it never happens. They are a real scam and need to be stopped!!!

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