New York Cash Net

Jonathan –

Victim Location 41139

Total money lost $655

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was initially informed I needed to purchase an Itunes gift card in the amount of $255.00 for the first installment on a $5000.00 loan. After complying with this I was then told I needed to make another payment of $512.00 for Federal fees that would be refunded with the loan.I advised the person I was speaking with that I only had $400.00 and he asked me to hold and he had to talk to an advisor, he came back and said this would be fine and I purchased the 2nd card and when I gave them the number off the back they claimed it was no good and that I had given it to someone else before them, I advised them that I had not and that they had taken the money and were scamming me, they said they needed another $400.00 to continue and I told them I had no more money and hung up on them. I sent an email to Apple and they emailed me baclk and told me to call them and when I did they put me through to a supervisor who informed me it indeed was a scam and that he was filing a police report and opened a claim #100010384735

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