Newport International Investments LLC

Jamie –

Total money lost $40,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was called by a travel agency, Planet Travel, that said Newport International Investments had a person interested in renting my Mexican timeshare. After several phone calls by Newport, a rental agreement was sent to us via email. We signed the agreement and paid the necessary Mexican government registration fees for transfer. After that numerous fees were being required for us to pay and numerous addendums were being sent to us. We began to get threatening phone calls when we explained that we could no long continue the fees and that we never agreed to the new contracts.

Newport send us a guarantee letter from their CEO, Linda Ward, stating no further fees would be required if we paid our luxury tax fee. The fees continued even after paying that fee. Newport International claims all the money we paid in fees is being held in an escrow account. The last time I was contacted by Newport, they said the bank refuses to release the money but if we pay $9000.00 to the banker himself he would release the funds. The names of people involved from Newport are, Regina Cox, Stacy Cummings and Linda Ward.

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