Larry –

Victim Location 32003

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My family purchased a puppy from a shop, supposedly selling from local breeders. They display all of these "payment" options right on the enclosures for the dogs. Then you have to apply online at to see if you can get a payment plan in the store before you can hold the puppy that you’re interested in. You fill out the application to, which conveniently places the true name of the "LEASING COMPANY" in the fine print of the contract and only once. Once you have decided to purchase the dog they then tell you it is 300% more than the original cost, so $2032.95 minus the in store payment of $217.88 (the supposed first months payment out of 24) is then raised to $5,229.12. But you already paid the $217.88 and agreed to purchase the dog, which is in your hands. You sign a contract, apparently a "Lease" for the dog, you are told to go to and view your leasing/payment information this displays the monthly payment break downs, due dates, and the buyout prices per month. Once on this website you must leave the website and go to to make a payment, this website displays only the late fees, payments due and due dates; it has a tab for Payment History yet no information other than the headers displays on this page. A payment book is also sent your address which yet another company "Nextep Funding LLC.", which is not listed anywhere on you leasing contract, is whom you are to send payments to. I have been involved with this/these company/ies for only a month and despite not having a bill due until March 1 I have accrued $105 or $120 in what they term "late fees" because ALL of the payments through their online customer portal have been declined and thus charged $15 per denial. Yet there is no Transaction History or Payment History to be viewed to justify these denials, there are also no details as to the account balance or pay off amount. You have to call them to get a pay off amount which changes daily, without reasoning. I have been told to ignore the inforamtion from entirely, which stated I had a due date on April 15, and also the listed pay off amounts and go only by what says. Something smells fishy there, and none of the companies have been forth right with any actual written information as to what the balance is and how any of this is calculated and the very rude customer service representatives are dumbfounded and wanted my personal login information to access my customer portal as "the only way to view what was wrong and then take a screen shot and send that to IT", I have reported this issue twice with no response on the Help tab at as well. They have requested that we phone conference my bank in order to come to an understanding about these transactions, and will not tell me the transaction numbers themselves. From researching Monterey Financial it looks as though the company has branched out to other business besides debt collection through sub companies to impose their unreasonable practices and lack of clarity in charges.

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