Frank –

Victim Location 24577

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 9/20/19, I received a sudden ALERT/POP UP on my laptop that my computer has been hacked and was being BLOCKED and to call the number shown immediately for assistance. I called help line phone number, a Nexway employee proceeded to tell me I had been hacked and then he remotely took over my PC to acquire all my information as he scared me about 10 hackers who have already taken control of my data and he is the only person who can save my info with installing a firewall and if I don’t subscribe to company service, the hackers will be able to steal my identity, my banking information, my emails and all my personal data stored in the laptop. I was so scared that I followed his instructions. He asked for $299 and continued to strongly encourage me into becoming a customer. He held me on the phone for almost an hour as he controlled my PC. He took my credit card information and the amount was charged from my credit card. After talking to some of my friends about this, I feel I have been scammed, and cheated and want my money back asap.

Grace –

Type of a scam Tech Support

My Mac computer screen came alive with a blue background scrolling text

Across the front was a warning that the computer was hacked and displayed an emergency phone number

On call I was informed that indeed it was hacked but they could fix it.

They, with my help took control of the computer. My instructions were then not to use the computer, our iPads or cell phones. For the next 10/15 minutes there was much activity on the screen. I was then told it was fixed, by installing a firewall etc.

I was told this would cost,US 399.00 for permanent firewall and one year service. I exclaimed that was more than I could afford as it was USA dollars. Quickly I was offered a seniors rate of US 299.00. At this time I was informed they were an independent company of engineers not connected to any manufacturer and explicitly not to Microsoft or google. I was then transferred to the billing department where I gave them my visa # , was given an invoice which showed the charge would show up as

I now had control of my computer and looked up the firm and reviews. Now I knew I’d been scammed.

I called RBC visa, registered the complaint and cancelled the card. My understanding was/is that they will not process the charge

Tony –

Victim Location 77857

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

My computer was highjacked with a pop up alert indicating that it was from Microsoft and Malware, which I do have on my computer. there was a number to call and as I could not shut it off or do anything else with the computer, I called it. The person on the line explained that he was with Microsoft and he could help me by scanning the computer for viruses, etc. He took over the computer from my control, and showed me on the screen where there were 4 instances of hackers trying to get into my computer and since I did not have a firewall that was the reason they were able to access the computer. he said he could put one on my computer for $299 and he would be happy to install it. he explained several times how imperative it was to have a firewall as these hackers could access any bank information, personal information, emails, etc. because he was very professional and free with giving out the information about the company, etc, and because my computer was locked up, i went ahead and agreed to it. It seems the icons that are on my screen are essentially useless. one which is supposed to be information about the company is actually a photo enlargement icon that does not even work.

Evan –

Victim Location 78332

Total money lost $1,048

Type of a scam Tech Support

1st Situation May 28, 2018 "Magic Computer Help". A flashing sign came up on his computer and said his computer was being hacked and needed more protection to call a number and they would help him in protection of his computer. He did as instructed and paid $449.97. Never received anything for his money. Put an icon on his computer making it look like they had given him some kind of protection but it was phony.

2nd Situation 3/6/19 " Help Me" and "Tweeker Bit" "Super Secure Web" Stuff was flashing on his screen saying his computer was compromised. It gave him a number to call and he did. Again, did as he was asked. He paid $598. to the company listed on his credit card statement was Nexway San Francisco as to what the company was that took the money but when he checked with them no answer and no help

3rd Situation 8/19/19 was another flashing sign. However he did not pay any money this time. He did change passwords and called bank accounts to make sure things were okay.

4th situation 9/23/19 telephone harassment, saying his computer is at risk and they calling to notify him. They repetitively called 5 times getting more, and more pushy each time. He did not give them any money.

Robin –

Victim Location 63130

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Phishing

A guy called saying he was with Microsoft, that I had a terrible virus that is needed a firewall. I paid 1199.99 for firewalls.

Tracy –

Victim Location 20770

Total money lost $999.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had a computer message that to unlock my computer I had to pay 999.99 to eradicate the hacking. Sounds like other complaints already filed.

Tasha –

Victim Location 79707

Type of a scam Tech Support

I updated my Microsoft programs and a page from Avast Nexway poped up stating I had been hacked and they needed to repair my computer; since Avast is my virus protector I thought it was legit and agreed to the repair; then they wanted to charge me $249 for the repair and sell me 3 years protection for $499, for a total (note the undesignated additions) of $898. I was disturbed, but in today’s world, one does whatever one can to protect themselves so I gave them my Discover credit card number (which I seldom use). Discover would not take the charge and I contacted them while I still had the crooks on the line; Discover told me it appeared to be a fraud and I cancelled the process. Nexway told me that the repairs they had made had removed my MS license and my computer would no longer be useful. I was frustrated, but I kept trying and in about an hour, my computer returned. I have cancelled all my banking information.

Kathryn –

Victim Location 33596

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Tech Support

Today, May 21, 2019, my computer locked up and a siren went off and an alert containing a phone number popped up on the screen saying I needed to contact Microsoft about a virus. I called, and I was transferred to a "Nexway" technician. The technician took possession of my computer over the internet and installed malware protection for $399.00. I sent the money through a credit card. After thinking this over and doing research online, I feel I’ve become the victim of a scam. I hope you can resolve the issue, refund my payment, and keep this organization from scamming anyone else.

George –

Victim Location 48307

Total money lost $799

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I apologize if I already sent this yesterday. However, I wanted to be sure the complaint was filed. Yesterday, May 20, 2019,my computer locked up and a siren went off and an alert came up on the screen saying contact Microsoft about a virus along with a phone number. I called, they took possession of my computer over the internet. Said it needed a firewall protection and for $799.00 I sent them the money through my Discover card. After thinking this over and doing research online, I feel I’ve become the victim of a scam. I hope you can resolve the issue and keep them from scamming anyone else.

Wayne –

Victim Location 48307

Total money lost $799

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Sunday, May 19, 2019 my computer locked up with a pop up advising to call Microsoft at the number listed and that I should not try to turn off computer, etc. There was also a loud beeping sound. I called the number and was told that I had reached Microsoft Support. He explained that I needed to have them fix the problem with their tech support for a cost of $799. I asked a lot of questions and said "so basically you are telling me that unless I pay the $799 that I won’t be able to use my computer." The answer was "yes". So I let them "fix" my computer and have them charge $799 to my Discover card and when completed there were new icons on my desktop. They explained what they had done, etc. Then I find out it is a scam! I consider myself intelligent enough to have spotted this, but I failed myself. In looking at the complaints I see that I am one of many that have been attacked by this scam. As Nexway is aware of the complaints why do they still service this company?

Toni –

Victim Location 52621

Total money lost $998

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop-up ad on computer saying computer is hacked and to call phone number on the screen. Called – they asked for credit card number and email password. Scam.

Scott –

Victim Location 75935

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Tech Support

While on the computer, the screen when black with the information that it had been locked by Microsoft, and a number to call. Not sure what was going on I call the number, they told me that my computer was hacked and as a part of Microsoft they could clean the virus and unlock it. Then was told that I need to pay $399. Stupid me I paid with debt card, gave bank information. I worried over night that I really messed up. Talked to my husband, he hit the roof, and while I called the bank, he looked the business information. Bang, it was a scam, I tell this hopefully something will happen to the company and no else will be tricked into my mess. Microsoft doesn’t process this way, and they will not call you.

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 41171

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A warning came on my desktop computer screen that my computer had a virus and I needed to call the number listed for Microsoft. I called the number listed on the screen and the lady said they were a 3rd person firm to help with the problem. The lady got into my computer and said that my IP Address had been compromised and all the electronic devices in the household had been comprised, i.e. iPhone, tablets, and other computers. She worked and worked or whatever she was doing moving all the pages on my computer and said she could not fix the problem and it would cost me $399 to fix the problem. I told her I could not afford that kind of money, she insisted and insisted that all my devices were now compromised. I didn’t know the difference. She asked for $299 and said I could put it on a card, which I did. Then she transferred me to a man who said the IP Address was indeed compromised and would take him at least an hour to fix the problem. He called back in an hour and said the computer and other electronic devices had been fixed.

Alexandra –

Victim Location 49107

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer froze up and there was an error message and a voice stating do not shut down, computer hacked and I should call a phone number for service that was listed as Microsoft. I called and was on the phone for 2 hours. Thinking it was Microsoft they got onto my computer and fixed things they said and told me that I needed to purchase their license to protect my computer and it was a firewall, malware protection, etc. They charged me $899.99. I think this is a scam and do not know what to do now with my computer. I will dispute the charge as it just happened today.

Kristin –

Victim Location 37166

Type of a scam Tech Support

A message showed and alarm sounded on my computer screen telling me not to turn off my computer. It would cause my computer to crash. It gave a number to call for Microsoft tech support. I sadly called the number, grateful that they could stop the alarm and help me to save my computer. After discussing the problem with the “tech support” I was transferred to his supervisor to purchase the package that would clean my computer and prevent future problems. After providing my credit card number and other information requested, I was charged $599. After completing the call, I had a bad feeling come over me so I called the fraud division of my credit card company. I was advised to shut down my computer immediately. I then had my credit card stopped and another one issued. Since the charges were pending on the card, I was told that by stopping the card, they would not receive any money from my credit company. I then began the lengthy task of changing passwords on my accounts and notified my banking institution. I checked my account statement and the charge did not appear. The day after I received an email from a Nexway saying they had discontinued my order and would be issuing a credit to my account. FYI to all who read this. If anything like this pops up on your screen, shut down your computer immediately. Do not call any numbers given on the screen to call even when they have Microsoft in a part of the ad. Now I would like to recover from these creeps the amount I have had to pay a computer specialist to clean my computer.

Derek –

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I own a apple and I virus notice came up on my computer, attached on the side of the virus detector was a number to call with regards to a apple technician. I called the number and they said I could pay 99.95 for a 2 year contract that whenever a virus came up they would fix it. I paid the 99.95 and over a period of 3 months I had numerous viruses, in which they potentially fixed it remotely. after a few months they called me and told me I paid too much money and they were going to refund me 99.95. Over 2 days they kept contacting me saying they needed to do some work on my computer remotely, and so I let them in. After about 2 hours, I noticed that they were looking through my computer and my bank account was pulled up- they were trying to charge $3000.00 dollars on my visa and etransfer 1000.00 from my account to theirs. I realized what was going on pretty quick and I shut down the remote access, called my bank cancelled all my cards, changed my passwords and went to apple to clean up my computer. The Apple tech at the store found quite a bit of applications the culprits had downloaded. It is a crazy world out there, I fortunately caught this pretty quick, so I hope no one else has to go through this. The number they call on is 1-818-433-4508.

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