Priscilla –

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company and i was told that they found me through indeed. They offered me a job and i spoke to kelly and another woman on the phone at some point. Majority of our interaction is through email or a messaging app called telegram. They offer $25 an hour. I cannot find anything about this company in google besides another individual asking the same questions i am regarding this "job opportunity" they havent asked me for any personal information besides my direct deposit details. They have a website but i am still not sure what to think of this situation. They assigned me a project asking me to do a presentation about my city in pdf format. They also gave me a run down of clocking in and out expectations.. they said they are located in halifax NS and they are soon opening a location in my city which is exactly what the other individual stated when i read their forum in yahoo. The location of the other individual is unkown.

Hannah –

Type of a scam Employment

I have noticed other puzzled people on chat rooms that have had the same offer and are wondering if this is a scam. IT CERTAINLY IS!!

I applied for this job through… which in my ignorance thought that all companies listed there were legit. that’s on me feel a little foolish but I had to pursue this to it’s end so others won’t be fooled by this just to confirm you email address.

18 days ago I was applying for jobs in desperation I applied for this position on it looks legit until you peal back some of the layers.

I called the number… "Kelly" will answer on a very sketchy cell phone reception.

Soon after I had responded to "Kelly Baker" – obviously fake name that I was going to report this to my local police dept. if I did not hear from her within 24 hours. No response at all.

NGeducation is glad to offer you the position of Administrative Assistant. After previewing your resume our HR department came to a conclusion that you are qualified for it.

NGeducation is a growing and successful organization that helps to connect students and cultures from all over the world. We are confident that our company will provide you with exciting personal development opportunities and challenges.

As our organization works with students and government’s issued programs you must have a clean criminal record.

This will be a permanent position. The starting salary is $25 per hour and is paid on a biweekly basis. After 1 month trial period the salary will be $28 per hour.

Our office is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and we are opening a brand new office in your city next month,so we are looking for the employees.

In the role of Administrative Assistant, you will be expected to carry out the duties and responsibilities described in the attached job description.

This e-mail doesn’t guarantee that you got the job. It states that you are qualified to apply, that we have read your resume and want to give you a chance to prove yourself during the trial period.

If you choose to accept this job offer, please send me a confirmation e-mail at your earliest convenience. When your acknowledgment is received, we will send you employee forms to start hiring process. Please don’t forget to provide me with your email address and your contact number in reply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 888-601-2037

The company looks for a long-term association withal its employees and expects the same from you.

We hope you will accept our job offer and we look forward to welcoming you to the NGeducation team.


Kelly Baker / NGeducation HR Department

Contact phone: 888-601-2037

[email protected]

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