Nice Adorable Puppies

Jesus – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 34472

Total money lost $310

Type of a scam Phishing

On 5/20/2020 I contacted via text a gentleman inquiring about dachshund puppies for sale on an ad that was on craigslist. He sent pictures and videos of two females I was interested in. We had extensive text conversations of the process to get the female puppy from Colorado Springs to Jacksonville, FL should I decide to purchase her. We talked about the price and shipping and I agreed to purchase the puppy. I was emailed the instructions and what was included in the purchase and asked to provide my name, address, phone number and the closest international airport. I was told I would be provided a tracking number once the puppy was registered at the agency that would be in charge of shipping her to Jacksonville. The price of the puppy was $500 plus $120 for the shipping on a transit flight. I paid $250 for 1/2 of the puppy and $60 for 1/2 of the shipping for a total of $310 by CashApp and the balance of $310 would be due when I took delivery of the puppy. On the morning of 5/21/2020 I confirmed delivery would be that day and was told the puppy would leave Colorado at 10:00 a.m. and I would be provided the confirmation number. At 10:15 a.m. EST I received an email from Skyline Delivery Agency confirming they had the puppy ( (email: [email protected]) tel: (209)783-9646, asking me to confirm my delivery address, giving me a carrier reference No. AIRBUS A320-100/200, Flight Tracking #: FL721052020, asking me to Cash App $950 to Name: Rafael Chavez, CashApp: $YungSmiley40 so the puppy would have an air-conditioned kennel for travel. I was then told $910 would be refunded to me upon arrival in Jacksonville. Upon reading this, I called the seller and asked what this was about since there was no mention of any pet travel crate having to be purchased. He had an Indian accent and spoke very softly and I had to stop him continually to ask him to speak louder and slower so I could understand him. He said I had to take that up with the delivery service. They required that but I would be reimbursed when the puppy was delivered. I told him that made no sense, this was a scam and I would not do that. He told me to call the service and speak to them. I called the service, the phone rang, voice mail came on and asked me to say my name, then it said ple[censored]d, and a man answered who was also of Indian descent and he said, we have been trying to reach you Terri Judy (he already knew my name) but could not get through on your phone. (which was not true). He said we are ready to ship your puppy but we need $950 so it is comfortable in an air conditioned crate and I said no. I will pay $40 since that is obviously the cost, but not $950. He said you will have to take that up with the seller, but you need to hurry because the plane is going to leave. I told this man he had no puppy there and he said, yes I do. I hung up and called the supposed seller back and he began saying he would pay half and I could reimburse him when I was refunded the money and I said no. This was a scam and I was not falling for it. I hung up. He kept texting me and I finally said, my husband and I are not going through with this. We deal in black and white. You did not mention extras or we would not have agreed. You can do the right thing and refund our money, but there is no puppy. He said I made a mistake yes. But I am willing to make it right because I have already spent money for you. I said I’m done. I have filed a fraud claim with the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI Fraud Dept. I had to send the IP addresses of the and and guess what, they’re the same IP address. These two fellows were sitting in the same room talking to me. I’m out $310 but I hope someone reads this and backtracks before they CashApp Betty Huffman any money. That’s the name they use and Scott Arthur.

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