Nick Moore

Ann –

Victim Location 84606

Type of a scam Rental

My husband and I are looking for housing and came upon an ad on Craiglist. It seems far too good to be true. The man (he says his name is Nick Moore) claims that owns 1164 N 900 W, Orem, UT 84057 and was trying to sell it, but the realtors raised the price on him so he wants to just rent it out now for 600/month including utilities. I contacted him through the email on the add asking if the property was still available for rent. He has a strange email.. [email protected] He responded saying it was still for rent and that it would be 600/month including utilities. He said he is very hard of hearing (I’m assuming that’s why he only wants to communicate through email) and that he is out of town on a business trip for a few weeks. He invited me to go check out the property for myself, so I did. The house is just as it was in the photos he sent me, but there is a Prudential Real Estate sign in the front yard. He tells me he is in the process of removing it from the market and to ignore the sign. In his Craigslist ad, he had no photos. He sent me photos of the property to my email. I would love for this house to really be for rent for 600/month but that seems far too good to be true! Why would someone rent out their brand new home ( I researched it was finished being built in December 2015) that is on the market for $285,000 for only 600/month. It all sounds very fishy. I don’t 100% know if this is a scam, but it really sounds like it. He wanted me to fill out a questionnaire asking basic questions about me, how many would be living in the house, how long we plan to stay, etc..

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