nicole johnson-Lagos Nigeria

Courtney –

Victim Location 78753

Total money lost $1,150

Type of a scam Romance

I was chating on whatsapp with one of my family member from Mexico ciudad J*** C*** and all of sudden this number pops up on my contact list +234 705-306-6241 a girl named Lola nicole Johnson a Combat engineer from THE US Army. Stating that she was looking for a serious relationship etc . I started talking to this person on may 2018 we chat for a couple days then . she . wanted to meet up but needed 500$ to clear her supposed check of 5k$ to travel to America from Lagos Nigeria military base for the first three months i ignored it.

On September 2018 I fell to the scammer trick I sent the $500 as requested for . their 5k$ check for flight booking hotel booking and car rental. The date of the flight comes and made an excuse that she had to reschedule bc she was traveling with her best friend anita phone number 234-805-344-2094 so Monday September comes along and they flight to America they send me flight videos on air etc they texted me .saying to prepare myself for their arrival at400am when flight needed to arrive at 930am according to flight ticket information they provided. I start getting phone calls by 830 am stating that had arrested her due to payments not given and needed $300 to release from Camp marbly Military base in Austin TX downtown

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