NIH National Institute of Health Imposter

Tanya –

Victim Location 67871

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was called on my cell phone by a company calling themselves NIH or national institutes of health, even gave me a name and badge number (James Anderson badge #js125896) and said I qualified for a government grant of 14000 dollars. I said yeah right but he didn’t ask any questions that couldn’t be found in a phone book so I kept talking to him. then he wanted the last 4 of my ssn and I said wrong if you want to read it off to me then we will see about verifying it he asked what concerned me and I said asking about my ssn so he put me on hold to talk to a supervisor. the supervisor got on and I told him I wanted to check and see if they were legit with the bbb and he said ok then called my phone so I had his number after I checked them out to call him back, I guess they thought I was bluffing because there is several of their scams that you already know about obviously

Tyler –

Victim Location 11214

Type of a scam Government Grant

Spoke to Sandy Lawrence Emp#78804- stating i am receiving a Federal grant house and human services

had my name, my address and gave me a grant approval code NY23205 said hold on after they ask their questions and transferred me to a grant officer Chris miles to confirm the grant code then said they would call back to confirm the transaction i get a call on a 206 number and spoke to a Michael Lobo office of release grant Emp# ML14458

gave me the name of the company, address and phone number said its an individual grant for me due to i pay my taxes on time and no history of criminal background and so on. While he is finishing up ask for me to go to a western union and pay$ 449 which is refundable i laughed an hung up.

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