Nihilo Group

Chase –

Victim Location 34293

Type of a scam Employment

"Novemeber 2019". I went in for an interview with the supposed manager "Manny" (Emanuel). In the pre-interview email I had received from Danielle, it said: "meet with manager Manny." But during the interview I asked who founded this business and he said, "I did." But, later he introduced me to the second interviewer (Giovanni), an employee who has "supposedly" been there "only" two months. He said, "Manny" was the manager of this location and that there were 400 locations all over the U.S and international. He also said the business was created in 1990. However, on the Facebook page there is a picture of the employee in March which would make it impossible for him to only be there 2 months, (as well as he said he moved to Florida 6 months ago), as well as the Fake Brochure they gave me that explained how you move up in the company. He would be a Senior Corporate Trainer (2-4 months). The supposed position he was currently at for "two months" would not make since for him being there since march. And the brochure in general looked very sketchy as well as everything they both said during the interview things were not lining up. They need to be investigated before someone gets scammed. When I called later that day and said to cancel my application because it felt like a scam the employee just said "okay have a good day" and hung up. Also when he (Giovanni) answered the phone he said "Xfinity how can I help you." Supposedly they have a contract with Walmart and Best Buy to put stands in their stores to get people lower prices on things. It was all very untrustworthy. Also if you look up the license filing date: "02/22/2019".

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