Nina teacup yorkies

John –

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So I wanted to hugs a puppy from this guys and everything looked super legit. Thought it interesting that he wanted to use western union as way of transferring money but being kinda naive I did it anyway. Puppy was supposed to get to me on Nov 7 and in the evening of said day he messaged and said he was only registering it now with the shipper… Got an email from the "shipper" saying due to weather they needed a special crate bjt it wad refundable so we paid again… No emails for a day.. Seemed funny the seller knew more about what was going on with the shippers than we did so we waited…and got a text from the seller saying the plane was leaving with the puppy in four hours. On Nov 9. Then got an email from the shipper hours later that there was no fight available. Finally got another email a few days later that the puppy made it to another state but needed pet insurance that was double what we paid for the dog. So we messaged this seller and said we wanted our money back. Never heard from him again. Lost 1,600$. And lesson learned. Research who your buying from from every angle and prove it’s legit. And never use western union.

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