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I am an actor/model in NYC. I receive emails about castings quite often so I’m used to seemingly random emails. The first email I received said this, “Hello,

Nine-Roses Media : is a full service broadcast films production company. Featuring award winning commercial directors. From broadcast commercials to branded web content we specialize in telling entertaining brand driven stories through the medium of video.

We are currently casting actors and Models for an upcoming commercial shoot for our client (Audi ) . This is a 1 minutes 55 seconds commercial project paying $5,550 in total($900 per day , for 2 days shoot and $3,750 for usage ) . This commercial is to showcase the 2018 Audi RS5 . The shoot will be taking place in New York . Transport and Hotel will be provided if need be . We have two roles available on this project . If you are interested for further details about this project. Kindly email your head-shot with the subject “ New Audi RS8 Commercial” .

Thank you

Paul Copeland

Production Supervisor/Casting Director

Nine-Roses Media

[email protected]”

I immediately went to research the company and look for reviews. There were no reviews, but they did have a site with seemingly legitimate projects. The site IS fairly new though.I replied back and received this, “Thanks for choosing to work with us on the upcoming shoot notice, it would be an honor to work with you. Nine-Rose Media ; is into commercial production, Short Gigs/Film Production, Local Casting , Extras and Real People Casting , Crowd and Audience Casting , Taping services for actors and models who need to be auditioned for other shows working in North America & Europe, Toronto. Montreal. Vancouver. New York, Los Angeles. Berlin. London. Paris. New York specializing in Fashion Photography and casting / Advertising Photography / Automotive Photography / Editorial Photography / Beauty Photography / Portrait Photography / Celebrity Photography / Studio Photography / Location / Catalogs / Magazine Editorial Assignments Fashion & Advertising Photographer / Art Director / Director of Photography / Creative Director.

And here we are again, calling for an upcoming commercial ad shoot for our reputable client : Audi .“

This was another red flag because it’s incredibly lengthy. The email went on to detail who exactly the Audi company is and its history. Weird. Then they explained the commercial, the shoot dates, and the roles needed. They wanted me for the “girlfriend/spouse” role.

The compensation portion of the incredibly lengthy email (in conjunction with the wardrobe portion) was completely abnormal. It reads “COMPENSATION/USAGE : The Total money pay for the jobs is USD 5,550 (Tax deduct-able) and you will get $450 as your advance/upfront booking fee and balance of USD 5,100 will be payed immediately after the completion of the commercial shoot and the total pay($5,550) covers the right of Audi and Nine-Roses Media to use all your Commercial videos/Commercial Shoots made for our own commercial interest for the period of 6 months . That means Nine-Rose Media and Audi are entitled to use the produced shoot for advert work for the period of 3 months on TV and Billboard , and 6 months on online media . This will be backed up by a contract. (Advance/Booking ($450) + Usage rights and Services ($5,100) = $5,550” the advance payment part is strange. I’m going to attach the emails because it’s all very long in length. Anyway, I realized it was a scam because the follow up email had a typo only a foreigner would make and they mention waiting for the advanced payment to go through with my bank. RED FLAG. It led me to look up the company on twitter to see if anyone mentions them. They did. An actor blog mentions them along with a SCAM warning. They apparently have other names as well.

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