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Diane –

Victim Location 33812

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I submitted a home improvement project via the Lowe’s subsidiary website called porch.com. This website helps connect homeowners to home improvement professionals. I received 2 leads for my project, both of which were initially very communicative. One of the leads was a legit operation, however another individual, who came over to my house with a female that I assumed to be his wife, concerns me that he is using the porch.com platform for nefarious or criminal purposes. My suspicions arose from the start, as he knew very little about the specific project I wanted completed (his professional knowledge on the subject was minimal at best). In addition, he kept fishing me for answers about him installing security systems, and I assume it was to find out if I already had one and if so if I used it. I decided to allow the home quote to continue and while he was cordial, he was also very casual in his assessment of my project. I was promised a rough quote within 24 hours and a detailed quote within 3 days. It has been a week and I still haven’t received a quote. When I didn’t receive a quote within 48 hours I began to do some research on his company. He has no website and no profile on porch.com. He has no reviews and no licenses noted on porch.com. I am pursuing another complaint with porch.com, but I also want the people near me not to be subjected to his scam. I am very concerned that he basically "cased" my house to get an idea of my belongings and security. I have tried to remain in contact with him to fish for a quote and evaluate his legitimacy, but he has yet to produce a quote, even though he does respond to my texts with a myriad of excuses why he hasn’t yet sent a quote. I fear he uses this platform to gain access to people’s houses and I can only imagine what he then does with the information.

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