NJ Web Support

Jose –

Victim Location 81416

Total money lost $199.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called "Netflix" to ask for help in reducing data overages with Rise Broadband Ethernet. "Netflix" said I needed to buy protection to protect me from foreign usage of my Netflix membership. I asked to be referred to a reliable provider and the man gave me the first number posted above. "Jake ***" with a strong Indian accent took over by asking me to open my computer to his control. He spent a couple of hours showing me things on my screen that indicated my computer had been "hacked" and then offered to sell me his services to clean my computer and secure it from hackers. I wrote a check for $199.99 on my bank because he said he could not take a credit card over an unsecured device. I had to deliver this check to FedEx who came to my door with a mailer for the address above. A month later, he called again and convinced me he would have to sell me a different program, "Safe 2" because the first one "didn’t work". He was going to refund me my first payment and wanted the number on my bank account. I got suspicious and hung up. Was it a scam? Now I must pay for our local expert to "clean" and secure my computer from any malware Mr. *** might have installed!

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