No Limit Parking Enforcement

Brandy –

Victim Location 60534

Total money lost $170

Type of a scam Other

I parked in the lot of a strip mall and went in to do my business. When I came out, there was a boot on my car along with an orange sticker on the window. A phone number was listed along with the "office hours" with Saturday hours (the day this happened) crossed out with a pen. As I called my husband to see if he had any clarity on this situation, two men approached me claiming to be from "No Limit Parking Enforcement" demanding $170 in cash. Police were called to handle the situation as these men had no form of identification or contract to present, just told me I had to pay or my car would be towed. Police stated they could not do anything because the men were on private property and there were signs posted about "unauthorized vehicles" being booted. After I paid, the men took the boot off. As I drove out of the parking lot, the man gave me the finger. This was about the 5th sign I had of shadiness from these characters so I started googling the business. Nothing on the internet but a LinkedIn job posting using "u" and "ur" throughout. I then called the number listed on the orange sticker to find out contract information. It turns out, the number is the man’s cell phone which I discovered by listening to his outgoing voicemail message. He subsequently, after seeing the missed call, called me not once, but twice. I decided it would be best not to speak to him so I did not answer the calls. I googled how easy it is to get a parking boot (very easy) and one of the articles I read included this link. That man, James Chard, was the man that approached me (and another woman crying the parking lot) demanding money.

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