No name has ever been given even when asked

Katie –

Victim Location 46142

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I as well as many of my family members have recieved a call state that I owe a bill from July of 2013 with Hsbc/capital one credit card ! I stated this was 3 rd company to try an collect for this bill I do not owe none anything 1 st company was a scam an they took money from my acct . Currently second help with my local police dept for that one made complaints with attorney general an FTC .Second company never called again 3 rd which is one I am making this complaint continues to Harrass my family an me ! I called both companies that caller states they have an they have no account in collections with either place ! When they called I have asked for the name of the company they represent an the address they refused to give me this information! I believe this number to be a scam an I would likethe harassment from them. To STOP. After calling my phone provider I was told this number comes up under peerless network but could not give me an address

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