no name used one of my FB friends account

Francisco –

Victim Location 03255

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a message that appeared to be from an actual friend on Facebook, (I’m guessing the scammer cloned my friend’s account), but initial questions sounded weird and suspicious to me as I just saw my friend last week. I played along for a while as the person was trying to convince me that I could get a large amount of free money from the federal government. This certainly did not sound like my actual friendQ

I retired from 30 years in State employment and know that the Government doesn’t solicit folks to give away free money.

I have copied the conversation from FB Messenger: I cannot copy the picture of the "agent" I was sent.

I did not converse with this person long enough to have been asked to pay a fee or anything

i often think about you and always uplifting you in prayer. How are you doing?

Really well, thanks for asking, Almost one and a half years cancer Free!

Good to hear from you and am so happy about your cancer free.

Am doing really great and i have been really busy with something else that has turned to be really amazing

I dont know if you’re aware of the new program from the federal government free help grant. i hope you’ve apply or get the money from the Federal Government Free help Grant?

Not aware, sounds interesting

This is a new program from the federal government that are specially in place for people who need assistance for paying bills, buying a home starting their own business, going to school, retired, semi retired, old, disable, widow divorced and for personal assistance.

i got money from them $150,000. You can apply and see if you are eligible as well.

Wow. That covers a lot of territory!

Where did you say it comes from?

Empowerment grant program. The benefit money is to help and it wont have to be paid back, I think you should also apply for the program. Do you know how to do that ?

No. I’ve Never heard of this program before

You will only have to text them on there text number and tell them that you would like to apply for the empowerment grant program also. Do you want me to share with you the agent in charge text number ??

I guess, where else would I find the number? Where on line can I find more information on this program? Which federal website will I find it on? Thanks. What is the name of the program?

Empowerment grant program. My friend that got the Money from them gave me the text number to apply and i applied. Then got my money.

I can’t text, is there an email?

What about sharing their Facebook link with you to message ?


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