Nomadic Tribe

Micheal – May 13, 2020

Tomahawk Leather has identical products to The Nomadic Tribe and had the same business address: 800 Wilshire Blvd. STE 701 Los Angeles, CA 90017 until recently, when it removed this address from its website and listed Sheridan, WY (a mail drop) as its support address.

I would agree with the previous poster, although I have not yet received my order as yet. The umbrella company sets up discount sites with names similar to legitimate companies in order to earn credibility and create confusion. It sends tracking information that seems legitimate until delivery schedules stretch out. Then big gaps show up between convoluted processing stations. My order “landed” in California, supposedly to be turned over to USPS for delivery, but was then shipped to Indiana, by passing my Minnesota address, and still not in the hands of USPS.

The COVID pandemic is used as a cover for why shipping may be delayed. I even received an email today praising healthcare workers!

There’s more, but this set of companies appears to be a Chinese-based, internet- and Facebook-enabled scam operation.

Miguel – Apr 07, 2020

Total money lost $96

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There appear to be several businesses running out of the same address. A quick web search of the street address listed for Nomadic Tribe also turned up Evercliff Outwear, The Blank Labs, Age of Rock, Pelgrip, and Tomahawk Leather.

Originally I had ordered a leather bag online, after responding to a Facebook ad. (Yes, that was clearly my first mistake.) The article was shown in the pictures (and on the email confirmation of my order) as a plain leather bag. When I received it it was branded with a Jeep logo. I never would have ordered that, but when I contacted the company using the email address ([email protected]) listed on their website ( I got a strange response from someone named Ben Gottlieb. He wrote:


I think you meant to send this to [email protected] We’re not affiliated with them (though their website does have our email address on it, and we’ll contact them about that). Sorry for the confusion!

Nomadic Tribe (not THE Nomadic Tribe).

Clearly there is a level of deception going on here. I did not receive what I ordered. It is also not real leather. Similarly my e-mails to the company (using [email protected], [email protected] and the webform at went unanswered. The only response that I got was from Ben Gotlieb, above. This has scam all over it. The Nomadic Tribe website itself is full of misleading things including incorrect contact details. I now also worry that my credit card may also have been compromised.

I have kept copies of all my e-mails.

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