Non Given

Allen –

Victim Location 45806

Type of a scam Phishing

They called about a lawsuit with my name and SS# and how I need to call the firm about clearing it up. No firm name given, no address, no case number, no information about anything, didn’t even call me by name or anything. Just a phishing attempt I believe

Dylan –

Victim Location 77096

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I took the phone call because of the 713 prefix and because of the Harvey flooding crisis. The recording said "This is Linda and I’m calling about your credit card information." I hung up immediately.

Darryl –

Victim Location 95111

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a robo-call stating I was qualified for a lower interest rate on my credit card. If wanting to learn more I should press 9. After doing so a live operator came on the line and asked if I was interested in receiving a lower interest rate. I replied "Yes, and what card…?" Before I could finish they hung up. A returned call rolls straight into voice mail.

I have heard about the "say yes" phone scam, and I’m just concerned this may be another of those.

Matthew –

Victim Location 48017

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Person sounding like they are from Indian origin called saying that a letter was sent two months ago warning of "tax evasion" and that I was subject to paying lest I find an attorney since I would be arrested. When I asked, ‘can you tell me reference number to this letter that was sent’; she replied saying ‘this call is being recorded and i cannot share with you that information.’

Yes, she had my name and address, but so could many people. I could tell many suspicious things. For one thing, IRS does not normally make calls; you call them, only after you receive a letter. Two, I know I have paid all my taxes in timely manner in all my years. Once, I have nearly missed collecting my refund, so I know how they operate. And finally, the IRS would send several notices before any summons is filed.

So finally I said, "if you don’t have a reference number…" and she hung up, knowing that I very well suspected she is from a scamming agencies, trying to scare people to think they are facing tax evasion.

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