Renee –

Victim Location 36426

Total money lost $462

Type of a scam Other

I received an email from an inquiry I made about "Cuba", a purebred Havanese. I was told she was still available at 11 weeks old (she was too cute…she should have been long-since adopted). After receiving the "go-ahead" from my husband, I went to the local Western Union and sent "GODWIN, PALLE" a $450 deposit to hold the puppy. I never received the sales contract and a day later I noticed the puppy was still listed on their website. When I inquired about this, I was told that "Cuba" and two other puppies were sold and that the website coordinator had been contacted regarding and would soon update. The second red flag occurred when I emailed requesting info. regarding the local veterinarian used and received NO RESPONSE. I called the number listed, but got no response. When I put the number into the website, it came up as a pet transporting business. THIS IS A LOW-LIFE SCAMMER…I HOPE YOU INVESTIGATE BEFORE BEING STUPID ENOUGH TO SEND MONEY LIKE I DID…OUT OF MONEY…NO PUPPY!!!

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