Douglas – Jun 02, 2020

Victim Location 12480

Total money lost $278.64

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have cancelled my NOOM subscription today, as soon as I saw my recent "Noom renewal". I have reached out to their customer service to dispute the recent charge for $139.32 from May 29th that was just posted to my account.

NOOMs system makes it impossible to cancel their services for someone who is ACTIVELY NOT USING THEIR SERVICES. Because of the terrible (but really well constructed) system thru which they require customers to manage their billing, thru their app. I never authorized to be an auto-pay account, and never intended on renewing, never used the services, and it seems their services are bogus anyway by the amount of youtube videos and poor reviews on the site about avoiding their programs. I wanted to cancel back after my trial, but they didn’t allow that and made it next to impossible to figure out how to avoid future charges.

I was not aware of this charge in advance, I received ZERO notification about this upcoming charge in my email connected to the account, and I had already discussed with a chat customer service person upon the first exhorbitant and unexpected charge in January that I was not intending on continuing using your app in my initial request for a refund. In fact I was under the impression that the subscription was for a full year, but now that account says it’s for only four months. I have not used any of their services nor do I plan to. I never authorized this renewal nor automated charge to my. There is no record in my email that I can refer to as they do not provide order confirmation nor receipts of any of their charges.

Here’s why I’m not happy:

– The app and it’s "help" sections are intentionally misleading

– I complained back in January via the app about the misleading and aggressive initial charge for the product (the only way to communicate with them) and received no help

– Their "coaching" programs are non existent and not run by real people (they are all automated)

– They auto-renewed my policy without my authorization, and previously the period was labeled online as a year, but now is 4 months, meaning my next charge will be in September if I didn’t cancel.

Hilary –

Victim Location 93101

Total money lost $138

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Noom offers free cancellation but they won’t cancel my subscription within the 14 day risk free period.

What can I do?

Wayne –

Victim Location 53565

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Other

This is a carbon copy of a free program by UnderArmour. I am so upset because the website doesn’t allow you to explore without filling out information. It offers a free trial and then charges you for the product anyway. I am upset because the product is not what it says it is. There is total misrepresentation. You can’t get to site without giving your information. It asks how you will pay for free trial and then charges you. You can’t cancel anywhere so I am afraid of a future charge.

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