Nootropic Technologies

Cory – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 11361

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I signed up for this supplement called Mind Tech because they were advertising risk free trial pay only shipping. I received the product yesterday and tried it today. I got really sick from the pills and so I tried to email the company just in case I have to send the product back. When I first ordered this product, I spoke to a Dan Shields and he had emailed me the email address [email protected] so I tried sending him an email but the email kept bouncing back saying that the email does not exist. So then I went back on the website and found a customer service number. I called it using a google number and someone picked up. The person I spoke to is Aya badge #540. Apparently they had set up an account with automatic payment and delivery without me even knowing. I told her to remove my information, which she said she did. I am still reporting the business because after the email incident I don’t really trust the company. Although the woman on the phone said she removed my information, I am still skeptical and wanted to make sure I have a paper trail of this incident.

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